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Re: BuddyPress – 'Create Group' PROBLEM

Jeff Sayre


I read your posts in this thread:

What caught my eye was your statement:

I have a lot of plugins for MU but I didn’t include any extra BP plugins.

To trouble shoot, please read my post in that thread just above your first post.

Deactivating plugins does not mean just “BuddyPress plugins”. Why? Because BP is itself a plugin. What others may call “BuddyPress plugins” are actually WPMU plugins that extend the BuddyPress plugin in some way.

When we ask people what other plugins they have running and advise them to deactivate all plugins except BP, we mean all WPMU plugins except BP!

Furthermore as I detail in my linked-to post, to effectively troubleshoot, you need to be running the default BP themes. Basically, you need to remove as many variables as possible.

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