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Re: BuddyPress For WordPress (Not MU) Coming



Given that you are delaying the release of BP until site-wide plugins are introduced into MU, it might also be an idea to wait until the WP version is also ready.

Although as anxious as anyone to see the official release, it occurs to me that any project only gets one shot at it’s 1.0 release and all the publicity that attends it. That one-off burst of attention can make all the difference to how much traction you gain in the long-run.

IF BuddyPress jumps into the spotlight as an MU-only project, that’s obviously going to be of great interest to people already familiar with MU but the average blogger is going to scratch his head and not get much further than the fact that BuddyPress isn’t for “normal” WordPress. Disappointed, he will return to his extensive collection of porn and ignore all future mentions of BuddyPress.

If, on the other hand, BuddyPress appears in the spotlight as a dual-release, with both a WP and an MU version, it will garner far more publicity, will be more obviously relevant to ordinary bloggers and will generally create a far larger splash, hopefully translating into greater momentum for the project.

Just a thought :)

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