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Re: BuddyPress Future w/o MVC: Big Deal?



That’s exactly why I brought up this topic. Just speaking from my own experience of talking with clients who want a CMS site, virtually all of them initially scough at WordPress because it still, to a large extent, carries the stigma of just being a very good blogging system. And if you wanted to build something more substantial, Joomla would be a better choice — you’ll constantly see that argument in whichever forum, be it Joomla, Drupal or EE. By and large, most clients will reconsider using WP when they’ve seen an amazing site that doesn’t look like your typical Kubrick blog.

So now that Anahita is out in the open, there’s going to be that debate again… and I can just see the client’s pitch for Anahita. “Well, Joomla is more for enterprise sites, so we’d like to run with Anahita instead of WP/BP.” If that’s the case, you could argue to look at the companies using WP and that Anahita requires Nooku and the whole MVC thing is just a moot point. Along the same vein, why not just get rid of that slide that even mentions spaghetti code? Just keep it simple… one is just as good as the other. Yes?

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