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Re: BuddyPress Future w/o MVC: Big Deal?



If you are concerned with the way WordPress is programmed, then I would asses the value in being concerned. Look at the number of themes, look at the number of plugins, look at the number of users. Look at the companies that use WordPress. At what point does worrying about the coding style become moot?

That’s why I chose to build my new site on Buddypress. Does that mean I have to keep my mouth shut about the crappy patched together membership management mess that will now become the foundation of my project? It’s not a moot point. It’s a painful trade-off and if I could start over I’d probably give Joomla + Anahita Social Engine a go.

I’m perfectly entitled to not pay attention to the MVC-or-not structure of both WordPress and Buddypress, as I don’t work for Automattic and I’m not a core developer on either.

I was addressing the Buddypress development community in general.

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