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Re: BuddyPress Future w/o MVC: Big Deal?

Hi @andy

you said

Also – something to consider. If WordPress was completely object-oriented, fully MVC, and the most beautifully designed code imaginable – 90% of developers would not be able to understand it.

would you please tell me when you say 90% of developers who exactly are you referring to ? because I know there are projects like Ruby on Rails that have had a good turned out between developers even though they implement lots of design patterns like MVC, Active Record and so on.

Also this does not stop at only open source projects, iPhone development framework (cocoa) follows MVC ( and other design patterns) and now there are kids as young as 10 years old that are developing for this platform.

Also I understand this debate is about MVC vs non-MVC design pattern but I would like to point out that a framework is not just MVC. It’s a collection of many design patterns as significant as MVC that helps the developers to build something in shorter amount of time.

in Anahita, MVC constitutes the overall structure of the application, but in a closer look, we are using other design patterns that makes the code smaller and more flexible. Without them, I doubt having an MVC architecture would have made that much of a difference.

Thank you,

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