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Re: BuddyPress Future w/o MVC: Big Deal?

You can take MVC however you like. If you are going to take it in a black and white sense then BuddyPress is not MVC. However, it follows a loose MVC style:

1. bp-[component]-classes.php contains all of the database access classes [ Modal ]

2. /bp-themes/[themename]/ contains all of the template files [ View ]

3. bp-[component].php contains all of the business functions [ Controller ]

BuddyPress is certainly not programmed top-down. In fact, if you try and program top-down with BuddyPress you will quickly become frustrated.

If you are concerned with the way WordPress is programmed, then I would asses the value in being concerned. Look at the number of themes, look at the number of plugins, look at the number of users. Look at the companies that use WordPress. At what point does worrying about the coding style become moot?

At the end of the day MVC is just another coding methodology, it is not “the right way” to program. The right way to program is subjective and very much based on your program’s function, audience and ideologies.

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