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Re: BuddyPress Future w/o MVC: Big Deal?

Jeff Sayre


Here we go with MVC is the only approach. Having used the Codeigniter and Kohana PHP frameworks in the past, I know a little something about MVC.

MVC is a design principle that various frameworks implement so that others can then create their applications. WordPress is an application that offers a means to extended its functionality. It is not a framework. A framework is not an application. You create, code, applications (like WordPress) using various tools. A framework is just one of those tools.

I agree, from a plugin developer’s standpoint, that it might have been nice if WordPress had used a solid MVC framework with which to build its foundation. But, I don’t think there were any good MVC framework options at the time it was initially being developed. It would also be nice if WP were fully object based. But, this is all a moot point.

WordPress is and will be fine in its current state. There will not be issues “down the road”. Why?Because WordPress continues to improve and evolve (look at the powerful BuddyPress layer). It has been doing so for 6 years without reaching a point were it ceases to work.

As Paul said, since this is an open source project, anyone is free to fork it. WordPress, in fact, is a fork of another, older blogging system. So, if you don’t like what’s under the hood, then change away and create your own CMS!

It is interesting that the author of that slideshare fails to mention that Joomla, the application that their Anahita Social Engine requires, in not an MVC framework. Remember, Joomla is also an application, not a framework. A separate module/extension had to be created to offer some MVC-like functionality to those who wish to further extend Joomla in a manner somewhat reminiscent of a true MVC framework.

In my opinion, if WordPress were to be recoded from the ground up using one of the various PHP-based MVC frameworks, it would result in an application that while possibly being easier to create plugins for, would make it much harder for designers to create themes. This would make it harder for the average user to use.

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