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Re: BuddyPress Links 0.2-RC1 now available

Maz you have my vote for awesome plug-in as well. I’m excited about this one and the addition of the social media stuff this round was a great surprise.

If you want help with the presentation layer, I will help you. That’s my forte. I’m developing a theme framework for BP right now and am finding a lot of plug-in developers writing their code with a dependence on the BP theme framework :-O

I’d like to see everybody move toward theme independence where you create tags that theme developers can drop into their page templates. I realize we may need BP to serve up a standardized page template, with all the appropriate hooks and standardized list navigation for plug-ins however, but we have to start somewhere. I just don’t want everyone to get so far down the road where we’re all stuck with using the BP theme framework because all the plug-ins were written with its HTML and its CSS.

Ping me and I’ll help you.

P.S. I use Safari 4 so you’d have that piece covered too.

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