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Re: BuddyPress Links 0.3-beta released for testing



MrMaz: Latest bleeding version of BP Links works beautifully! And even on a subdirectory install of BP. Works well and the AJAX for grabbing the avatar and item description is way cool!

Couple of suggestions:

-On the Links Directory page, for each BP link, can you remove the “Home” hyperlink, I don’t see the difference between clicking on that and clicking the “Comments” hyperlink

-When you’re on a BP link, you see two tabs: “Home” and “Admin” (if you have the privileges to do so). Can you rename “Admin” to “Edit”? I think the word “edit” makes more sense.

-Minor thing: In the WP admin area, can you move your “BP Links” settings menu under BuddyPress’ menu?

-Major thing: Is it possible for the activity permalink to display the link avatar and vote panel? (eg. hxxp://

–If not, if possible, can you remove the “View” link from the activity comment?

—eg. “Ray posted a comment on the link MYLINK: 2 minutes ago · View · Delete” (remove View)

—Reason why the “View” link should be removed is an activity comment refering to a BP link doesn’t make much sense without the link avatar or vote panel. The user can still click on MYLINK to view all the comments for it.

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