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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.3 FINAL is here at last




I’m watching your threads for a few days now and I wanted to thank you for this awesome plugin.

After installing it, this is what I noticed: when choosing a category, sometimes it works, sometimes it shows all links not only those from the selected category.

Also, the timer for when a link was submitted begins at 6 hours.

It works ok, I didn’t notice anything else.

And I have a question: Is there a page where I can access a specific category, like … and is it possible to make the category name before the title clickable, pointing to a page where only the links from that category are?

I also wanted to make it my homepage, like someone else here. I can see that if I make the homepage a static one, I can chose for site activity, why not links too?

Thanks again for the plugin. I used the previous version too and this one is obviously nicer :) The way that youtube videos are opening is just great.

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