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Re: BuddyPress-Links 0.4.x Releases and Support



Hi MrMraz, I installed the old plugin since a few weeks and I haven’t had the occation to see how it works, simply because it is not obvious straight away that this is more of a BP component, such as Groups and Forums.

I scratched my head off trying understand HOW to create a link (and I am not the only one To me it wasn’t clear that you need to manually create a link to the Links directory or something like that, wich mean you need a place in your navigation to put “Links”, along with Members, Forums, Groups (wplace that I don’t have on my site).

Anyway, I got two basic problems (with 0.3.2). I already got a page on my site called “links”. I’ve changed the buddypress-links.php file, line 24:


define( ‘BP_LINKS_SLUG’, ‘links’ );


define( ‘BP_LINKS_SLUG’, ‘members-links’ );

which I find more appropriate for my site. But I noticed the warning message:At this time, it is not recommended that you try to override this!

So, what am I to do?

Another problem is that when I try to create a link i got the error:

Warning: require_once(single/forms/details.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in …(mypath)/wp-content/themes/(mytheme)/bp-links-default/create.php on line 22

I’ve checked the file and that line was not coded properly:

require_once ‘single/forms/details.php’;

instead of: require_once (‘single/forms/details.php’);

Did it work for everybody else, that way?

Otherwise, I am going to test 0.4, since I see that there is a feature to “Create link directly from user profile and group pages”.

I’ll let you know.

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