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Re: BuddyPress links for new users: \”The page you were looking for was not found.\”



Update. By comparing my site’s BuddyPress-generated tabbed links “Blog”, “Members”, “Groups”, “Forums”, and “Blogs” to those for other sites, I was able to pin-down specifically what was wrong—but don’t know the fix.

My main blog structure was such that the main blog was at:

…and a member blog would be at:

All the aforementioned BuddyPress-generated tabbed links “Blog”, “Members”, “Groups”, “Forums”, and “Blogs” were failing because the links specifically for the memberblog because “/memberblog” was being added to each of those links (if I removed the “/memberblog” part of the links then the links would go to the right place).

I tried everything I could think of to solve the problem (code reinstalls, database deleting and reinstallation, removing all plug-ins, etc), and *nothing* fixed the problem.

Interestingly, when I finally tried reinstalling using the site structure, those various memberblog Buddypress tabbed linked worked just fine.

Is it possible that BuddyPress has a bug specifically for that structure?

I’m going to stick with the structure because I don’t have currently have the coding experience to get into addressing the issue, and I’m happy enough with the subdomain approach in any case. I just wanted to let folks know that there might be a problem… or perhaps somehow it is something particular to my setup—although everything else worked just fine.

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