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Re: buddypress login widget broken



Ok, I wasn’t clear enough:

I installed wpmu using subdomains.

I had Nicola install buddypress onto my main domain for mu. Then after seeing the roadmap and a few other notes, I decided to move buddypress from the foreground on the homepage to a subdomain so that I could use a production ready theme for my site.

I created a new blog ‘community’ and turned on the buddypress theme. I also went into bp-custom.php and inserted your code, replacing the X with the blog id# (I had also tried applying the code change to wp-config.php as well, did not work either)

Basically bp is not picking up the fact that it is now blog id #30 instead of blog id#1, hence the broken login and also the image upload problems that popped up after ‘moving’ bp off the root blog.

I hope this is more clear

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