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Re: buddypress-mu possible yet?



@Xevo — Yes that was the first important step in trying to accomplish what I am after. I have inserted that function, and indeed it did what it says it does. However, I’m after something that requires a lot more to it. (separating members and activity on a per blog basis) To the best of my knowledge that has not yet been implemented, which is why I was asking if it’s made it into the bp core yet. Thanks for the heads up though.

@JJJ Thnx for the answer. You are correct, I want each bp ‘blog’ to have their ‘own’ members userbase. (think ning again).

Ultimately what would be perfect in my scenario, would be some type of identifier for the user that sets a blog or blogs they belong to. Then we could filter the users and their activity on a per blog basis.

That would also allow me to do like ning, where you can have separate communities, yet all communities technically belong to the same overall group for the ‘master’ blog site, where I could show all activity from all members across all blogs.

Where it would be even cooler is if I could ‘tag’ the users as well. Then I could create even further ‘sub cultures’ where I could have one blog showing all the ‘sub-blog’ members that are catholic etc.. So if I had 10 separate ‘catholic’ church blogs, each blog would have their own bp area, yet I could also build another ‘catholic’ blog that shows all activity from all the catholic blogs… lol that sounded so much simpler in my mind than reading this lol

I do have the ‘blog type’ plugin installed. That way when a person creates a new blog they have to assign themselves to a group. I can then ‘aggregate’ all the content from those blogs who belong to that group into a central sub-blog.

Well thanks again. I’ll keep checking back from time to time to see if this ever becomes a possibility. I SOOO want to use bp that it’s driving me nuts having this great toy available that I can’t play with yet…..

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