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Re: BuddyPress Multilingual



Hi Jozik,

That’s very good news! I haven’t tried WPML for BuddyPress yet (I only started using BP from 1.1, and WPML did not work for me then), but it’s critical for my upcoming project.

What I “need” from the plugin is the following:

1: A way to let the user switch languages globally. So if he or she is Spanish, she can set the language to Spanish and BuddyPress + theme strings are in Spanish. This seems the exact point of the plugin, so that should be possible I guess? :)

2: Allow the user to view blogs in the WPMU network in their language (navigation elements and widgets etc).

3: Maybe some kind of automatic detection of the browser language, so the site is in the right language on the first visit.

4: A way to let my moderators/authors add/edit strings in the backend (I think WPML allows this as well, but I’m new to the plugin, so forgive me :)).

I’m looking forward to it, and if you need/accept donations just let me know, I’m happy to contribute!

Take care,


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