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Re: Buddypress needs to STOP supporting bbPress

@boonebgorges Let me read up on custom post types more, I haven’t given it much thought to be honest. A quick glance seems it seems BP activity stream took some steroids, had a fun night, and mated with WP posts. :P (even seems in a futuristic sense that the activity stream could utilize custom post types as the backbone?). So that may throw a kink into my original thinking about using the activity stream.

Given that… Simplistic reasoning. Basically @21cdb and @r-a-y have mentioned some finer points which I agree with. The hang-ups I have with bbPress is how much “dumbing down” occurs within the BuddyPress wrapper and some of the minor issues that others experience. IMHO – the activity stream IS the backbone of BuddyPress – in the forums context the information is already duplicated (recording the activity, updating on topic post edits) and the fragmentation of conversation is very confusing. We already have the biz functions for recording, replying (+ for nested), pagination, hooks, add-ons, etc

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