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Re: Buddypress needs to STOP supporting bbPress

Boone Gorges


Custom post types seem better to me in most ways. They have the full force of WP behind them, which means that things like attachments, media, and all sorts of other plugins will just work. The theming architecture is very well established, since it just uses the regular WP post loop. And you’d have the full admin power of the WP Dashboard for managing posts and replies.

The advantages of embedding forums in the activity stream vs custom post types? For one thing, the metadata attached to custom post types does not include things like group ids. I’d have to look into it a little more, but it seems to me that you’d probably have to do more lookups in order to get all the necessary information out of the post table than you do for the optimized activity table for this reason. And it certainly does seem more BP-centric to put things in the activity stream.

I think the decision should largely be made on the basis of a discussion that was started here about six months ago but kind of died off: what is the role of the activity stream? There is a real advantage to making all content types stored in the same way, whether it be in post types or in the activity stream – that much is clear to anyone who’s done BP development. The activity stream increasingly seems like a good option. But my worry is that if you push everything into the activity stream, you end up needlessly reproducing a lot of functionality that already exists in WP post types.

@Anointed Please do share your forum post type when you think it’s presentable. I’d love to see how you’ve set it up. I haven’t tried it myself, but just thinking about it I imagine it wouldn’t be too complex – most of the work would be done in the front-end theming and P2-style posting interface.

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