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Re: Buddypress needs to STOP supporting bbPress



Thinking in architectural terms, this makes a lot of sense — certainly more sense than Franken-bbPress does. If BP were to get a richly-featured, native, extensible replacement for ‘forum’-structured discussion, that would be a good thing.

These days, more than in the past, I worry about the right user-interaction design decisions being made, though, before they get locked in.

activity stream component into a dumbed-down version of a forum. It won’t be as feature-rich as bbPress et al.,

This, especially, worries me. Not to be the parade-rainer, but unless equivalent-functionality can be achieved, with a framework in place for greater extensibility because it’s ‘native’, well…

I don’t know. I think I’m going to have to leave BP alone for a while to wait and see where it heads, which is a bummer after having spent so much time and effort on it. Ah well.

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