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Re: Buddypress needs to STOP supporting bbPress




To start with, I have absolutely zero experience with the activity stream. Frankly I am so overwhelmed on the learning curve of everything else that I have not even had the time to think about digging into the activity stream. I only mention this so that if my comments ever seem to be to over the top about using post_types, it is simply because I understand them and their current weaknesses, ‘permalink structures, archive pages, etc’. For my setup, I pretty much only plan on using the activity stream for user-user and user-group communication. More of a wire than an activity stream. Just like on I found that people just found the addition of activity streams to be confusing. I get much better results using group forums, and heavily relying upon group blogs with the p2 interface.

You are correct though. There really is not all that much heavy lifting needed in the backend for using post_types. Really it’s just a matter of properly creating the post type, adding in the metafields, and setting up the permalinks. The 3.0 system is not complete though. There are a lot of holes in the setup to overcome, but the information is out there on how to get by some of the issues. I’ve done the homework and can help with some of that should you need the information.

Finding the tools and creating my own to help deal with connecting post types to post types, and adding in metadata to taxonomies has taken up most of my time. At the moment I am working out how to modify one post type/taxonomy within the admin panel of another post type.

Currently I am just using a homebrewed theme for my forums post type. I am still in the stage of building a coherent backend and just populating the front end with data. I did look into p2 a few days back, and it looks like the perfect solution to theming forums. Of course a few changes would be needed, but most are pretty simple. I should have much more information available about p2 in the coming weeks.

finally, keep in mind that I do not consider myself a programmer in any real sense of the term. This has been a huge learning experience for me so I work a lot slower than most people would expect. I’m sure you remember the days when it could take you 20 hrs to figure out one simple function, that’s where I am at.

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