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Re: Buddypress on several blogs?



I do not know how OpenSSO flies with BP. I looked and sorry, my memory and reference are slightly outdated; “OpenSSO” the project has become OpenAM and lives on, here as of last month, per Oracle swallowing Sun, then spitting out OpenSSO the project but keeping OpenSSO the name (classic).

I have had and have seen BP running with LDAP and with SSO between BP and MediaWiki. Here obviously we have BP and “external” bbPress with SSO even if it does still have the “Help I can’t post! the first time” issue. I have not personally used a plugin to this effect, but @boonebgorges or someone else may have wrapped up the like.

As for “BP Federation” I suggest it be more than BP – BP, rather BP – WP. WP sites with no interest in running their own BP could affiliate, conjugate, federate with an umbrella BP.

True, a system running BP after WP 3 will be able to host sites but each will necessarily be limited in some regards v. independent WP sites, just as one is now limited by being a blog site within a MU. With BP Federation, my thought is WP sites could have their cake — being independent — and eat it, too — affiliate with a parent BP — without needing to run BP themselves. Is that like having cake, eating it, too, AND sharing some with a friend? OK now I want cake. BG

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