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Re: needs a common place to share code snippets

Burt Adsit


Thanks Lance. Nice job.

I don’t like idea of permanently using outside paste bins right off the bat for the reasons you outlined. We’re already using them from time to time for temporary things. It’s just that, transient and temporary. I do like the idea of stuffing code on one for sharing and collaborating. Forums and blogs seem to hate code. A paste bin has lovely things like line numbers and syntax hilighting. Isn’t there a code editor built into wp itself? The regular one. I’ve never seen it since I’ve only worked with wpmu where it’s insanity to hand over the source code to a theme to all blog admins and give them a ‘save’ button.

I think the Codex pages should be sources of documentation and education not guides to implementation. That little tutorial I wrote today outlining how to mod the admin bar would be better suited as a blog post on that tech blog you mentioned.

I completely agree about the new FAQ sticky forum post. It only really solves my frustration at having to hunt the damn things down all the time.

A bp group forum like the one that exists would be an asset once Andy fires up the actual group forums. One problem/solution one thread.

So, it looks like I’m voting for all of the above.

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