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Re: needs a common place to share code snippets

Burt Adsit


Oh. of course.

EDIT: I said that with just a knee jerk reaction. Kind of a ‘not invented here’ thing. Now that I’ve had time to think why, I realize it’s because we do need to control it. In case nobody has noticed, we’re have the opportunity to *not* follow the rules for technical support and software development. The nature of buddypress, it’s social nature, gives us the opportunity to invent something truly different and useful.

Don’t ask me yet what that is yet but signs of it are beginning to appear.

Complaints about the group forums not being live yet. They aren’t just complaints. They seem to be us, struggling to accomplish something in a certain manner and knowing that the tools are dangling before us.

We’re discussing code collaboration, commenting, sharing solutions to user problems and questions. Solving things in front of people. How best to accomplish that with code paste bins.

Suggestions and approval of a ‘technical blog’ that will show people, by example, how to do things.

It’s like we’re all suffering some vague malaise and we sense where to find the remedy.

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