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Re:’s New Plugin Review Functionality



@stwc we’re on the same page. This is exactly what I’ve been trying to figure out how to do this morning. I guess we’re supposed to start with “BuddyPress Skeleton Component” and learn how to extend BuddyPress by creating our own plugins to add this kind of functionality. I just wish there was an online resource guide or advanced BP dev book on building BP plugins. For front-end guys like me, it’s easier to see basic working examples than try to look over the code of complex plugins to pick out the relevant code. The BuddyPress Skeleton Component is a good step in that direction, but would love to see basic how-tos.

It seems all we need to tweak from the default groups setup:
* “Home” is a comprehensive page about X instead of an activity stream with additional form fields (i.e. Description, FAQ, etc.)
* Create an “Activity” tab/page for the activity stream
* Create a “Reviews” tab/page for group comments
* Integrate a ratings component

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