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Re:’s New Plugin Review Functionality



For front-end guys like me, it’s easier to see basic working examples than try to look over the code of complex plugins to pick out the relevant code.

@agrundner Definitely. Like many hobbyist coders, I can take sample code or something and modify it to my needs most of the time, but without the cloud being seeded, so to speak, it’s hard going.

The other thing I’d add to your list is how to split Groups into different kinds, with different functionality hooked to them. On this site, now, User Created Groups can be arbitratrily created, Plugin Groups can be created around an individual plugin, and Support Groups are only creatable by an admin.

That’s precisely the kind of setup I’d be interested in getting running on the site I’m currently working (where ‘plugin’ is another arbitrary class of ‘object’), along with the reviewing functionality for those ‘objects’ and standard forums/activity/album+ images/links etc attached.

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