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Re:’s Unified Search – How can I get it?

Brajesh Singh


@el_terko Thanks :) It is coming soon, I am still in the process of power packing it with customizable features for developers :)

@r-a-y Thanks Ray, you are the rocking mod here :) , No, I have not handled the case of pagination, but not checked that too(there were very few results on my test install), so May be I can add some more test post and will check that. Hopefully that should work or if it does not work, a slight change in ‘bpmag_global_search_qs’ can make that work. Btw, there are links below the search results for each component to let you see the component search page. It’s something like I saw on some social networks and thought to implement for my BP.

@bowromir hey Bowe, that’s great :) Yes, I mentioned it in the tutorial. The layout code was from my theme bp-mag which is slightly different from bp-defult.. That’s why you may see some differences(and obviously I have not supplied any css and left it upto the developers)

The point was, have it in your theme and mod it as you want, that’s the reason I did not pack it as a plugin(as I promised in one of my posts 2 week ago on the site).

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