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Re:’s Unified Search – How can I get it?

Brajesh Singh


@agrundner @anointed @mercime @finni3
Thank you all :)
That’s a little more complex as I guess It involves two things(programmatically auto creation of groups(easy) and then Andy seems to be using Group Extension API,group meta for achieving the review functionality, and may be a modified plugin which already does the review and rating). I hope, Andy is going to make it available, if not, obviously we can achieve the same, perhaps I will do something similar for one of my site in near future and will let you know :)

@apeatling, you solution is easy, but I was doing it for a theme, so I had to consider generalized case when we don’t know which components will be active and which won’t, That’s why I used the do_action/add action approach. Further If you want to change the order of display of search result for components, It will be just a matter of changing the priority in the add action.
@r-a-y, haha you were perfectly right :)

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