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Re: BuddyPress plugins and theme not loading



hi, I have been reading this thread (and a couple like it).

I too have having the same trouble with getting BP running. All installed as per instructions, thmes move as listed but getting the same error

You do not have any BuddyPress themes installed.

Please move “/wp-content/plugins/buddypress/bp-themes/” to “/wp-content/bp-themes/” and refresh this page. You can download more themes here.

I have deleted all the files and re-uploaded them going through another install and the same fault occurs.

In the Admin BP setting bottom left the themes it see’s are all in the WP themes – NOT the BP themes. Like above I experiemented by copying the BP member theme to the WP themes and the BP admin Select theme to use for BuddyPress generated pages could then see the bpmember directory. (but obviously won’t work from there.)

I am use MU 2.8.1 and BP 1.0.2

Really really stuck – driving me mad!

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