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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update

@Jeff. That’s cool. I can just use a simple plug-in to block out groups, etc. wholesale. Like that code Burt did… just using is_user_logged_in(). It’ll do for now.

The issue is, I want to use BP as a kind of simple, lightweight “Intranet”/communication tool for our local Search & Rescue group. We’ll mostly use groups and/or bbPress to discuss fundraising, training, recent searches… etc. As well as look up members in the directory. Etc. All that stuff should be just for members. Some of it can be sensitive info. But we still need a public face for news, events and static info (faq, about, photos, etc.)

Two sites (a WordPress site for the public and a BuddyPress site for members) might make sense… but there’s overlap. All that public stuff needs to be available to members as well (pages, posts, events). So having two sites would be kind of a nightmare.

But I digress!!! As I say… I’m sure I can hack something together. Since I’m just hiding entire classes wholesale… it should be simple enough with a bit of PHP. Not sure how events will work though.

Anyway… very much looking forward to the privacy component as designed. Even thought it’s not what I thought it would be… and won’t do what I had in mind… it sounds like it’s actually a lot more impressive than that.

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