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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update




Personally, I still prefer BuddyPress. The theming process in Elgg caused me great pain and I find the Elgg interface suffers from inconsistencies and poor usability.

I couldn’t agree more with you on the theming issues. Elgg is more like drupal, anything is possible, but the learning curve is beyond steep and straight up hill imo. Of course in it’s current state bp isn’t much easier, though that is going to change bigtime with 1.1. As to the interface, well that can be changed as well, but it’s a huge amt of work. We actually got about 90% finished making an exact ‘clone’ of the theme used for bp on this site. I just got sidetracked on other projects so didn’t complete it yet.

@Jeff – I’m definitely not trying to start a platform war. The only reason I even brought up elgg was as an example of what can be accomplished and a system that I absolutely fell in love with when I found it. In the case that you had not seen the code from elgg, I was simply trying to give an example is all.

My foundation is and will remain wpmu. That is why I keep coming back every few days to check on bp progress. Your privacy plugin is going to make bp usable in many instances where without it bp would not even be an option. I applaud you for the work on this, and the devs behind bp itself. I agree it’s an amazing platform considering how young it is.

I think my request for granular object control has been made pretty clear. I just wanted to get my 2cents in whether it’s accepted or not.


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