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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update

Jeff Sayre



I’m definitely not trying to start a platform war.

Lol! Yes, I do recognize that. I said that because by me taking an obvious side in my post above, I was basically starting one myself!

I appreciate your desire for a full-blown ACL. It is a possibility in the future. Some of us have talked about it in length. In fact, I originally started my privacy component with this in mind until I better understood what was really needed. So, I do have a few hundred lines of code already put away toward a separate ACL system. I’m guessing that if it were to be finished, that it would more than likely be a separate plugin, probably not a core component–unless Andy decided otherwise.

If it were to be a core component, it would add 4 additional tables to every BP install. Since most sites would not utilize full-scale RBAC, it would create superfluous bloat. By keeping it as a plugin, those few Site Admins or developers that desire to offer such item-by-item object authorization could choose to do so if they wanted.

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