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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update

Jeff Sayre



I had considered adding the ability to block a certain user or groups of users but then realized that the selections that are offered do in fact block groups of users by virtue of them not being able to view a given object. For example, if a particular user is bothering you, and they are not in your friends listing, you can make an object only viewable to friends. This, in essence, will block them.

Possibly future versions of the component could enable the grouping of several filter options or even include the ability to filter out certain users. But suffice it to say that the first version offers plenty of options and flexibility.


Since forums are not a core-created object but in fact are objects pulled into BuddyPress from an outside plugin, BPAz will not offer a filtering option for forums. There are simply too many distinct objects that bbPress creates. It truly needs its own privacy filtering system. Therefore, it is up to bbPress to offer such privacy options or a 3rd-party bbPress developer.

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