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Re: BuddyPress Privacy Component: An Update



Coming from an ‘elgg’ point of view, I’m curious if your privacy plugin is going to be similar.

When I create any new item in elgg, be it an image/video/audio/post/etc.. I have the ability to assign the object to a given group at the time of creation.

Meaning, if I upload a new picture, or a new blog post, I have a dropdown permission box where I can set the groups allowed to see the item. (I can select multiple groups if needed).

One thing I absolutely love is I can assign the privacy settings to groups of users.

For instance, I have multiple ‘friends’ groups, ‘coworkers/family/friends/etc’ so when I make a post, I can say that only ‘friends’ are allowed to see it. Or, if I am a member of different ‘groups’, I can assign the permission to members of the given group (that part is really cool)

Basically the permission system is so extensive, that my profile page looks completely different depending upon the permissions of the user visiting my page. (I’ve even managed to take it to the level of custom styles/css on a ‘per permission’ basis)

Of course I can edit permissions on any object after creation should I choose to edit it later.

Is this type of system basically the same as what you are talking about?

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