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Re: Buddypress RC2 Logout Bug

John James Jacoby


WordPress and bbPress use several cookies to ensure your identity across all directories and areas that are important to the applications. When those cookies are out of alignment, things start working strangely like you describe.

The best thing is to check the cookies that your site is dropping, review the information inside them (typically with Firefox) and see if there are any places that are obviously incorrect or pointing to the wrong locations. Then, you use those global variables to adjust the settings back into place.

This is one of those bugs that’s difficult to diagnose, difficult to direct you to a fix, and hard to explain where to even start.

It’s also PIVOTAL that all of your separate applications (WPMU, BP, bbP) are all correctly installed/upgraded to begin with. If you’ve never gotten to a point where they were playing nice together in the first place, it will be extremely hard to figure out what’s wrong.

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