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Re: Buddypress RC2 Logout Bug

Jeff Sayre



Adding to what jjj and TheEasyButton are saying, if you are still having issues then it is important to start from scratch. You must get WPMU functioning properly before installing BuddyPress. Then make sure BuddyPress is functioning properly before installing and integrating bbPress.

From what you are saying, it is not clear if you are upgrading WPMU from 2.6 or 2.7? Did you already have a working copy of WPMU installed? If so, what version?

If you are upgrading from 2.7 to 2.7.1 following these upgrading instructions, then make sure you finish the upgrading process by logging into WPMU’s backend as site admin and going to “Site Admin -> Upgrade”. Also, make sure you use the wp-config-sample.php file that comes with WPMU 2.7.1 and modify that version as needed. Do not use an older version of the wp-config.php file.

If you do not have an active site with real members and you are only in testing mode, then you can safely delete everything and perform a clean install. This means that you do not have any data in the MySQL DB that is worth saving.

If that is the case,save to a separate file any custom themes you may have created or installed. Also, save any 3rd-party plugins you may have installed for WPMU. Then, start from scratch. Delete everything including your MySQL DB. Once you have reinstalled WPMU succesfully, you can copy back your custom themes and 3rd-party plugins into their proper locations.

Finally, if you are still using BP RC2, it is time to switch to BuddyPress 1.0, the public release version of BP.

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