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Re: BuddyPress screencasts – what do you want to see?



Given that the entire “look and feel” of Buddypress can be modified via themes, how can “we” offer screencasts on how to use a Buddypress site? I’ve seen many examples of “Buddypress” sites that look and operate nothing like a bp-default themed Buddypress site.

At the same time, if the current interface is not intuitive enough then no matter how many screencasts are created users will still be confused. Facebook and Twitter didn’t have screen casts on how to use the sites. Users just figured most of it out.

I’m not trying to knock Buddypress at all – I’ve been impressed enough that I’ve gone and started submitting bug reports and even fixes when my time permits! I’m just hoping that active members like DJ Paul aren’t going to get stuck spending a lot of time creating screencasts that benefit a very small number of developers/users.

There are probably really great Buddypress specific topics that could be covered in a screen cast but I can’t come up with any. Maybe I’m just too old and come from the generation where everything wasn’t screencasted to us and we had to do something called research or trial and error. ;)

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