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Re: BuddyPress screencasts – what do you want to see?



The more I think about it, nig3d has the right idea. A screencast (or a couple) that showcases what BP is capable of would be a really great idea. But then you’re focusing on the developers as opposed to the potential users of a BP site.

One of my favorite examples of BP is and if you didn’t explicitly know it was running BP, you’d be hard pressed to discover it was. That user community has very easily figured out how to use BP (but again, it’s customized). Profiling some of these sites as “what you can do with BP” in a screencast would probably help “sell” BP to a larger audience.

@Bowe, as for the Facebook/Twitter stuff, both apps are almost better for not having screencasts. People have found numerous ways of using Twitter that are not the original intent. As for Facebook, they just don’t really care about anything outside their firewalls.

From a user point of view, I found BP prior to the 1.2 activity stream concept to be very confusing. Anyone who has used Facebook or Twitter will easily understand what the textbox is for.

I could go on and on but then I’d be really thread jacking. ;)

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