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Re: BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links

I have a Hungarian language install at . I used BuddyPress 1.0b1 with WordPress MU 2.7 and bbPress 1.0 alpha. Hungarian language file is about 90% complete; I’ll make it available when its 100%. I’d say 1.0b1 was about 98% ready for use with other languages: I had to go through the files line by line to add missing get-text tags. Since I’m just finishing my 1.0b1 install, I think I’ll wait a bit before upgrading to beta 2. When I do I’ll be comparing my tweaked files to 1.0b2 files in ExamDiff to find changes I need to carry over; This time I’ll try to keep some notes so I can’t point the developers toward any remaining problems.

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