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Re: BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links



We’ve been working with Lisa Sabin Wilson of eWebscape who built a custom BuddyPress installation on our newly launched site

(Andy – We love it so far and think it will really help us build a great community!)

Some of the biggest issues we’ve faced:

1) IE issues – page alignment is off, toolbars do not work, lots of 404 messages (we’ve encouraged our members who use IE to download Firefox or Safari instead, fingers crossed that the official release will help with some of these bugs)

2) We have the same avatar cropping issue as mentioned by other posters – it’s very hit or miss for us, sometimes it works fine, sometimes it just can’t be done at all)

3) The browser title bar will read, “oops, that’s a 404 page” or “nothing found for ____” even when it isn’t a 404 page or it has found something.

4) We have installed BBpress forums as well. The password and login of our member works for both applications, but members need to login at second time when they land on the forum main page (even if they have already logged in earlier)

Thanks (and any feedback on the site is appreciated.)

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