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Re: BuddyPress Showoff: Post your links



i have had buddypress running on mine since it was available, i am still seeing bugs but nothing too major is my main site but im running the buddypress home theme on – this is an interesting way to have it setup i know but also it may give ideas to others who want a separate part for buddypress, i am still considering moving my blog to a subdomain and putting buddypress on the main page but for this to happen i want to learn to theme it and i need it to be extremely perfect

my site is about me and teenlife so please look but dont touch unless you interested its more of a niche kinda thing that most of you wont understand but i posted since i wanted to show my installation, i hope for it to grow and make a proper social network within my freinds, i want to encourage them to all blog and create relationships using wp and bp, feedback apprieciated

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