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Re: Buddypress theme?

John James Jacoby


The documentation/codex area provides a ton of documentation that can help you with all of these things, but there is no magic button you can press to make this happen.

There are dozens of functions and loops that need to be installed and addressed on several files and themes to make all of BuddyPress work the way it does. All we can do is document them for you, and let you give it a try yourself. It’s up to the growing audience of BP developers to start creating themes for 1.0, and that will eventually happen, I guarantee it.

If you’re in over your head and desperate for a theme asap, it may be time to hire someone to help you out. If you’re not looking for custom functionality and simply want a revamped BP theme, I might suggest joining the WordPress developers mailing lists and asking some WP professionals for assistance. Otherwise right now we’re pretty lenient about users asking for specific requests here (meaning we will lock the topic but we won’t delete it or spam it.)

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