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Re: BuddyPress Tweet Button plugin



“nice plugin, only issue I see is that it tweets the URL of the page you are on rather than the item.”

@modemlooper This would work nice for a tweeting a group though ( and adding “facebook Recommend” ) so that all the ‘feed things/social stuff pertaining to the group’ are in a similar place.
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Im trying to get the tweet button to be between the rss feed class and the activity-filter-select div, as in the image ( using add_action('bp_before_group_body', 'bp_tweet_button_activity_filter'); ) its inserting it above the subnav div, ( needs to be inside subnav.. ) but I can figure out how to get it between the two. Once I can position it correctly I’ll add the Facebook one too. Maybe can be a seperate, spin-off of your plug-in?

Maybe if someone knows where to find the subnav ( for groups ) code I can have a look and get it sorted.

Edit: Iv’e created a topic not to hi-jack the thread:

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