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Re: BuddyPress Upgrade Killed My Blog. HELP.

Jeff Sayre



The auto upgrade usually does its job. But you are using a version of WPMU (2.7.1) that is 5 months old. Also, you were attempting to upgrade from a version of BP that was at least that old as well.

Whenever that many months have elapsed between your updating software versions, it is wise to check the readme.txt files and make sure that the versions you are using are compatible with each other. Had you done so, you would see at the top of BuddyPress’ v1.0.3 readme.txt file that you need at least WPMU 2.8.1.

=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: apeatling
Tags: wpmu, buddypress, social, networking, profiles, messaging, friends, groups, forums, activity
Requires at least: WordPress MU 2.8.1
Tested up to: 2.8.1
Stable tag: 1.0.3

During those five months, many updates have been made to both platforms. In fact, it is recommended that you upgrade WPMU to 2.8.4a for security reasons. Here’s some information that might help in upgrading WPMU.

As for your comment here:

Crash occured after fatal error during BP upgrade (If it’s not possible to upgrade automatically you REALLY SHOULD REMOVE THAT S***[edited for content] FROM THE OPTIONS. DAYUMN. )

That is an issue. I’m not sure that it has been reported, but as you are the first to report such a bug in the BuddyPress forums, you should check in WPMU Trac and see if it has been reported. If not, add a new ticket.

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