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Re: BuddyPress v 1.1



I did answer the questions, i event posted the details in the previous post.

MU 2.5.4

BP 1.1

I do not know what else to do,

Buddpress 1.0 works fine with no issues, have the issue with buddpress 1.1

I am willing to provide FTP access so you can see that some else needs to be done because it can not be done with the steps provided by you or in the readme file.

why do i feel like i am the only having this issue , yet if i look around there are others who are facing difficulties installing BP 1.1

I woudl like to see you do this and make it work as you noted without having to do any additional steps, do not be suprise if you reach the same results i did with a working homepage and broken inner pages.

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