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Re: Buddyvents – New Events Plugin

Sven Lehnert


Good morning @travel-junkie, I did some testing…

1. Create a hidden group was no problem. But I couldn’t create an event for the group.
After submit, I get the following error message and all field values has been lost. So need to fill in all again, but I couldn’t find out what I did wrong…
Error Message: “Your event could not be published. Please try again!”

2. Event Start Time: Is a select box for 30 minutes steps. But I need 10 minutes steps for my events. Would be great to have an admin option to decide the steps or just type it in.
Please have a look at It’s a Any+Time™ Datepicker/Timepicker AJAX Calendar widget with optional TimeZone support.
Would be great you use this one.

3. Repeat this event every…
Would be great to include this. Most of the events will repeat weekly, or monthly, by year…
For example: Repeat this event every 7 day’s until 21.12.2012 ;-)

I’m looking forward to the next week :-Sven

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