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Re: can a user enter his own password at registration?



Since nobody has figured this out yet, I was wondering, maybe there might be a different way. Such as when people signup, it automatically logs them in upon signup. Then while it automatically logs them in, it leads them to the change the password/profile page.

Although, it would be great to see buddypress profile section to actually have the option to change passwords, as right now we have no other choice but to edit the passwords in the wp profile area.

Hopefully, somebody will get this figured out, as it is a horrible idea to send out e-mails in this manner, because most of the time the e-mail could get lost or placed into the spam areas or the e-mails can become delayed and users never check for it, or they just don’t bother to login because they are concerned that they may not have the option to change their passwords so readily.

Time will tell. But, there needs to be a way to automatically log people in upon them creating their own account, then they can change their passwords as they like. Otherwise, if they don’t change their password right there upon auto login, they will still be e-mailed the password that the website created for them by default.

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