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Re: Can functions in bp_template_tags.php be applied to a specific user ID?



@DJPaul: I was looking for functions that might manipulate various xProfile fields (in particular) i was trying to extract info about checkbox type field. (I see that you may have provided me some insight on that topic in a separate thread).

@boonebgorges: thanks for the clarification re: files used for themes – i was wondering why it was named as it was but i couldn’t find any explanation. I had looked at the members loop documentation and I saw that the while loop is controlled by bp_members() but since i could find no documentation on that function, I assumed that it must loop through all members on a site (which is overkill for my goal — i just need to identify a handful of members who have a certain xprofile value set THEN i want to display them).

Meanwhile, back to this question… and my feeble attempt to avoid confusion.

1) if I’m understanding you correctly then by calling bp_has_members( ‘include=3,7,24? ) I’m effectively setting up a “global” loop within my instantiation of BP that is incremented with each call to bp_members(). So, while within the “global” loop, all function call potentially reference the same current iteration of $user_id. Did i understand correctly?

2) Yet, there must be certain functions that only refer to the currently logged-in user_id (e.g. is_site_admin()). How do i distinguish between which function type is which kind?

3) Why can’t I find bp_has_members in Is there some other “official” place to go learn what functions exist and are available to me?

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