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Re: Can functions in bp_template_tags.php be applied to a specific user ID?



Just to clarify… here’s what I’m doing. I’ve defined two xProfile groups: “Admin-only” and “Professional”. Next, I defined a membership-type field in that “Admin-only” group with values Pro, Standard and Volunteer. Finally, within the “Professional” group, I’ve provided several fields available only to that membership-type.

Within my theme, I’ve modified edit.php to not display the SAVE CHANGES button on “Admin-only” edit-profile page unless user is a site administrator and to only display it on the “Professional” edit-profile page only if the user’s membership-type field (from the Admin-only” group) is set to Pro.

Now, I’m working on a plug-in (because i don’t know how to add a page as part of a theme) that adds a unique page on my site that will list only those members who are membership-type=Pro. I want to display information from their respective Professional xProfile group fields. Eventually, I want to add filter capabilities to the top of the page based on the Professional xProfile group fields

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