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Re: Can users input hidden data?



After hours working on that I found a solution, but isn’t definitive and already have a bug! Let’s go. Nicolas, don’t kill me – i’m trying to help! :-)

In the line 728 on bp-xprofile-classes.php just copy and paste the code bellow:

<div id="titlediv">

<h3><label for="is_public"><?php _e("Is This Field Public?", 'buddypress') ?> *</label></h3>

<select name="is_public" id="is_public" style="width: 30%">

<option value="0"<?php if ( $this->is_public == '0' ) { ?> selected="selected"<?php } ?>><?php _e( 'Public', 'buddypress' ) ?></option>

<option value="1"<?php if ( $this->is_public == '1' ) { ?> selected="selected"<?php } ?>><?php _e( 'Private', 'buddypress' ) ?></option>



This code will add an opition in the field edit screen / at ProfileFields Admin – to keep the data private for “non friend users”

But the problem is IF the field have data and you aren’t a friend, you will see the field name, but the data will be hidden. look at my birthday

I have tryed do the same with the Groups Fields but doesn’t work. Maybe someone can help me to create “Hidden Field Groups” and found a fix my newbie solusion for the “Private Fields” bug.

Could be nice if in a new version the admin and the users can select “Who can see the data” like: “Public, Only Friends, Hidden (only visible for admin and the owner), “.

Nicolas, I will donate for you soon for your great job.

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