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Re: can we clean up the Extend tab at so that only ‘real’ buddypress plugins show up.

Mike Pratt


@Dwenaus is spot on guy, (IMHO) sorry. Let’s face it, the examples he gave all put their listing here for viz purposes only. It’s almost spam-like. The photo gallery one is the worst infraction as it is the most misleading. Everyone in BP-land anxiously awaits a fully BP aware image plugin (we’re talking ones that integrate with xprofile, the activity stream etc) There are tons of gallery plugins on WP (I use NextGen Gallery a lot) but they are no different than this one. Why don’t they ALL get listed here? They shouldn’t. The only reason they added #buddypress to their listing was exposure. I have written that plugin dev many times to get clarity on this and they have disappeared. That’s because they just wanted exposure.

Are there useful WP only plugins in a BP world, of course. Should they be tagged as such? Debatable. Boone, Jeff, and others have done such great work in BP specific stuff that it becomes an insult and a disservice.

This is different than the WP plugin repo. It requires some moderation ( @jjj and @apeatling you listening?) because to build a BP plugin is non-trivial.

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