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Re: can we clean up the Extend tab at so that only ‘real’ buddypress plugins show up.



@mikepratt @jeffsayre @djpaul and others, I’m glad a conversation got started here. It sure would be good to hear from the powers-that-be about this.

I especially like the suggestion about using a new extension such as bp-extension that makes it clear that this is an extension of BuddyPress rather than compatible. Heck, maybe even introduce a bp-compatible tag as well so no one feels left out. However getting everyone to switch over would be tough.

I also like the idea of basing the list on the rating plugins get in the buddypress site. but new interesting plugins might not get rated, so that might not work.

having a separate repository will take time, and may never happen because it has to synch with the WP backend, trac, and many other things. possible, but more work.

What about my idea of just filtering the non-buddypress plugins from the buddypress tag. It might be a bit of work, but it is more inclusive. maybe we can even start some folksonomy where we tag certain plugins with keywords somewhere so at least others know not to waste our times figureing out of they are real BP plugins or not. something like not-bp or not-bp-plugin or even wp-plugin.

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